Custom login page OR alternative public page?

Good evening NextClouders.

I would like to either [extensively] customize the login page, or replace it altogether (so that a highly customized alternative can be used).

Here is the overall objective:

  1. A default/index front/home page that is like an SPA-style page that includes content of interest to our users.
  2. This same page also includes a login form (or a button that opens a login form in a modal), or even a link that moves the user to a separate page at another location that includes the usual login form.

I imagine there are at least two ways to do this:

a. Radically customize the included login page
b. Create a separate page and have it load as the default site front/home in place of the default login page (users can then find the login page by clicking a button/link on this new page, as mentioned above)

Ideally, the front/home page (whether the default login page or an alternate front/home page) can be built with Bootstrap.

I’ve found some info about replacing background images and applying CSS, but not enough to get me to either of the above. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello, again.

Apologies for the bump; I know folks have a lot going on these days. Anyone have any experience with creating an alternative login/home Page (as in “public” home page) for NextCloud?


looking for a similar solution…

did you have any luck,