Custom Interface for Users

I’d like to second the removal of the Download button and other on-screen elements as a whole for certain users in groups.

I’d like a little more customisation for some Users in a Specific Group.

Some users shouldn’t be able to access or see the other features of Nextcloud.
So remove all other UI elements other than the log out and change password.

I’d like some groups to be “security groups” that if the user is a member of such group they aren’t able to see who the members of the group they are in.

Use case:

User Pays to have access to a video file.
User logs in to the server with authentication and plays a video file. The user should know nothing else about the server or who shared the file with them. Just that they have access to view this file and play using the inbuilt NextCloud video player.

The reason for using NextCloud is for the Uploader of the Videos and Sharer needs to quickly be able to give and remove access to individual “users”.

We don’t want to use a direct link, because anyone can share the link and bypass the “paywall”.
Also end user should have easy access to all of their “premium” content.