Custom background feature for Nextcloud Talk

With video talks becoming more common I believe there is requirement emerging about being able to change the background when showing your face during a video session.

Especially in professional or awkward situations you may want a neutral background or very specific background. Short of turning the video off or using a green screen (who has that at hand?) I’m seeing commercial solutions (e.g. Zoom) providing a background by using a plug-in in the browser. It just replaces your background with a photo of choice and only shows you superimposed onto it. Neat trick.

I thought it would be a nice to have for Talk. Wondered if I’m the only one or we can build a bit of support for this request in this thread to motivate the devs to look into it.



Would be a cool idea. Browser intensive I suppose

Bump :slight_smile:Unfortunately I am no developer, otherwise I would have prob. created this feature myself…
Has anyone been had a chance to look at this or build something like this?
As a freelance consultant, I have to work a lot with MS Teams/Skype etc.
I setting a custom background by now is almost o must, particularly, when “stuck at home”.
Because I am a freelancer, I would prefer promoting nextcloud.
My wife is a psychotherapist and due to current restrictions has to have all sessions online.
Zoom, Skype, Teams are an absolute no-go there is also the occassional high-profile client.
For us the only option was to have something lixe nextcloud in order to be able to control the scurity.
So Pleeeeas someone have a try :slight_smile:

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There are tools doing this you can use with Nextcloud Talk, e.g. Chromacam…

great tip!
had a brief look.
While it is chargable, I think it may actually be worthwhile!
Considering, that you can try and test for free, I think I will go for it.

Some new information on this topic?

We are changing von Zoom/Teams to Talk but it will be nice if we had this feature in talk too.