Current version mismatch NC23.0.5

I gave up on upgrading to NC24 and updated from NC23.0.4 to 23.0.5.
Then the 23.0.5 update appears to have succeeded, but the current version is in question. I see in the configuration summary that the version is currently set to "
23.0.4" and it shows “23.0.5 update exists”.

I’m doing a manual update and have definitely downloaded the source from the Nextcloud site without error. I open version.php and look at the source and see a “23.0.5” entry. I looked at the version value in config.php and it was still “23.0.4”. I rewrite it to 23.0.5 but NC still recognizes 23.0.4.

What file should I edit to recognize NC as 23.0.5?

CentOS 7.9, PHP 8.0.14, nginx 1.20.1

MariaDB’s oc_appconfig table has “updatenotification,core,”. I tried rewriting the updatenotification value to 23.0.5, but the recognition in NC is 23.0.4.

Where is the version information located, in config.php, db table, or elsewhere?

I don’t know the cause, but the display within NC changed to “23.0.5”.
The value in the MariaDB updatenotification table is still “”.