Current user is not logged in on PublicShareController


I’m trying to dev a public page for my app. So I’ve find the PublicShareController in the documentation but i’m not sure to understand how to use it. Here is my controller and my route :


namespace OCA\SOCApi\Controller;

use OCP\AppFramework\PublicShareController;
use OCP\IRequest;
use OCP\AppFramework\Http\JSONResponse;
use OCP\Files\IRootFolder;
use OCP\ISession;
use OCP\IUserManager;
use OCP\IUserSession;

class PublicAPIController extends PublicShareController {

private $storage;
private $userSession;
protected $session;
protected $request;

public function __construct(
    string $AppName, 
    IRequest $request, 
    IUserManager $pwcheck,
    IUserSession $UserSession, 
    ISession $session,

    parent::__construct($AppName, $request, $session);
    $this->storage = $storage;
    $this->pwcheck = $pwcheck;
    $this->userSession = $UserSession;
    $this->session = $session;
    $this->request = $request;
    $this->mapper = $mapper;

protected function getPasswordHash(): string {
        return md5('secretpassword');

public function isValidToken(): bool {
        return $this->getToken() === 'secretToken';

protected function isPasswordProtected(): bool {
        return false;

public function get() {
        return new JSONResponse('test');

[ ‘name’ => ‘PublicAPI#get’, ‘url’ => ‘/api/{token}’, ‘verb’ => ‘GET’ ],

But when i call this route with Postman i have this message

Did someone know how to use properly this types of controllers ?

There exist some annotation flags to control such things.
Try this:

 * @NoCSRFRequired
 * @PublicPage
public function get() {
        return new JSONResponse('test');
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It works, thanks a lot !

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