CSS variable change and probable regressions in apps

Dear maintainers and developers,

There have been a few changes in the CSS variables to improve our user interface.
The one that requires your attention the most is that the —default-clickable-area has gone from 44px to 34px.
This will result in several regressions and paper-cuts in your app that will need to be manually fixed.

I would recommend to:

  1. Update server to current master and Link the @nextcloud/vue current master to your app (pull often because fixes are getting in there too);
  2. Do a codebase-wide search of 44px and replace with the variable --default-clickable-area if appropriate;
  3. Check for regressions and visual bugs;
  4. Report the regression of your app in this issue (you can create a heading with the name of your own app);
  5. Also report @nextlcoud/vue library regressions if they’re not reported already in their list;
  6. Fix regression in your app (only the ones that are unrelated with the @nextcloud/vue components)

Thanks a lot for your collaboration :slight_smile:


Will these adjustments be backward-compatible, or will this be a breaking change? ie. Does --default-clickable-area exist pre NC 30 ?

As far as I know (or could guess) the changes are not fully backwards compatible. For Groupware apps we chose to cut off 29 support.

@marcouuuu could you please update Upgrade to Nextcloud 30 — Nextcloud latest Developer Manual latest documentation with all warnings and known breaking changes? Thanks

And nextcloud/vue 8.14 is then also not backward compatible / Should not be used pre-30?

I guess it’s best to give this a quick test