CSS hack to always display menu bar gradient?

Hi everyone,

Not an “issue” per-se, but a request about a minor improvement I’d like to add

I use the unsplash app to add nice background images, but I notice that often a light image can make the menu bar a little difficult to see:

(Not a great example, but should be clear what I mean)

Scrolling down a page reveals a backing gradient:

Also pretty nice looking, in my opinion, and greatly improves the contrast.

Since having the gradient enabled at all times would also help with icon visibility, seems like I could use the CSS override app to enable this gradient at all times. Since I’m a little lacking in skills here, could someone suggest how/if this could be done? Seems like it’s a simple change

Of course, also would be nice to a checkbox somewhere to enable this as a proper feature, but I’m happy to use an override if it’s the simplest way to achieve this effect

Hope someone can help!