Csrftoken: no documentation

i have a long lasting issue with circles
the command occ circles:check asks for a loopback address:

Please write down a new loopback address to test:

but whatever IP address or URL i’m giving (present in /etc/hosts or config.php) the answer remains the same:

* testing address: https://my.domain.net
- GET request on https://my.domain.net/index.php/csrftoken: fail

I can’t find much about csrftoken on the forum, nothing in the documentation.

could one provide any information about what it is, where it is, and what I’m supposed to do to please the server to overcome this issue?

thanks a lot for your concern :v:

Place to ask is Github and it seems there are a number of issues filed that reference it, including fixes.

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i’ve just looked all around and tried their suggestions
but it hasn’t make my situation evolve.
I’ve found an answer to my question on csrftoken:
it brings a token at my.domain.net/index.php/ csrftoken :v:

I’m going to follow those threads
thanks a lot for the link :+1: