Cross-platform Filesystem and ACLs for installation on Raspberry Pi


I am deploying NextCloud on my Raspberry Pi. I am stuck on what I know is an inefficient way to design and run a system. Currently the configuration sits on an external drive with ext4 file system. I am using ACLs to secure the files on ext4 file system. I however have MS Windows boxes at home. For the sake of other members of the family, I run a cron job that copies files from the ext4 drive to an NTFS drive.

My question is - is there a way I can apply ACLs while having a cross platform file system to use the same backup drive on WIndows and Linux.

Thank you and pardon me if this is a naive question.

So you have Nextcloud on the Raspi and the data on a ext4 formatted drive. Then you want your fellows to use this disk for saving their files - so you sync them back and forth.

I see two possible solutions:

  1. Use Nextcloud with its client to save the data on the Raspi based server
  2. Install Samba to be able to mount the shares to Windows

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask again if I din’t get it right.

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This was perfect. Thank you very much.