Cronjob killed by hoster after 120s

Hey folks,

my Nextcloud is running on webspace from a shared hoster. I’m only allowed to execute a cronjob once per hour with a max execution time of 120s.

While a hourly cron is quite enough, since this is a single user scenario, I worry about canceled job. Every second day I get an email telling me that a cronjob has been canceled because it ran 120s. So my question is: is this dangerous for data integrity? What jobs could that be, and what happens when they are forcefully ended? So far I never experienced any problems with files or calendar.

Thanks in advance.

a better start point is to check the logs and see if any issue is reported there.

IMHO canceled jobs will have 90% of chance to be completed on next cron job.

What about AJAX or Webcron?

AJAX: Use case: Single user instance”

Yes post some logs.

On normal Nextcloud with CLI (SSH) you could execute the cron-job directly and maybe get more informations.

Use a Webcron every 5 minutes.

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