Cronjob every 5 minutes

I use Nextcloud version 18.0.1

I use nextcloud to test Purposes with one user plus the administrator.

For rescources reasons, I have only used the cron.php job once
want to run during the day.
The manual prescribes every 5 minutes before or login controls.
But I don’t want to run in the cronjob every 5 minutes,
therefore set to 1 time a day.

With this attitude, nextcloud is concerned that
the job was led to us x hours ago, and I should
Check settings.

Does the job really have to be done every 5 minutes?

I use Nextcloud about 2 hours a day. The system is running
i.e. 22 hours idle.

At 24 hours, that’s 288 cron runs per day, minus 12 per hour.

Currently I have set it down to hourly, but nextcloud
continues to weaken.
Can I ignore the complaint? At login bassed run
the execution count would be even smaller, and I would
have the disadvantage of that it cannot run in the background.


I believe you can ignore the complaint, but it does also nothing bad when you follow the advice and let it run each 5 minutes.

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Please see this issue i just filed:

You can setup youre cronjob between a specific time.
So when you use NextCloud a lot, the cronjob is running every 5 min. In de night it dosnt.

*/5 08-10 * * * /path/to/php -f /path/to/nextcloud/cron.php
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