Cron sync mail errors

Good morning, I have searched about this problem but I can’t find any solution. The mail app performs a synchronization of the imap folders but when users change their passwords this fails.

There are multiple errors on the mail server side and in nextcloud itself
EJ: Horde_Imap_Client_Exception: Authentication failed.

Is there a solution to prevent synchronization of user mailboxes?

Our users must change the password from time to time due to security policy and when this happens the synchronization of the mailboxes fails. I can only think of an option that disables the synchronization option from the cron task.

Did you ever find a solution to his, my maillog is very difficult to parse because of all of these messages. I have not been able to determine why nextcloud.log is indicating the following, despite mail sync seeming to work. Using an LDAP backend.

"message":"Cron mail sync failed for account 30","userAgent":"
--","version":"","exception":{"Exception":"OCA\\Mail\\Exception\\ServiceException","Message":"IMAP error synchronizing account 30: Remote server is temporarily unavailable.

While the nextcloud logs aren’t as much of a concern, maillog being spammed is more problematic. I know the interval can be changed somewhat, but doesn’t solve the underlying issue.

Edit: Looks like its related to Too long email address breaks sync · Issue #3608 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub in my case.