Cron job as root on new nextcloud instance

Hi there,

I have an old nextcloud server (Debian 11) up and running well and today i’ve just installed latest nexcloud version on new server (latest ubuntu server). I just saw something odd in “Basic settings” section: on old server i have: “The cron.php needs to be executed as system user “www-data”” and on new server i have The cron.php needs to be executed as system user “root”"… Why root? How to change it to www-data user?


I’d say to check the file ownership of your Nextcloud installation: all files should be owned by the www-data user, rather than by root.

If that’s not the problem, we’ll need to know more about this new server installation. Did you use a deb package from a repository, or did you do a manual install from the release .tar archives? Is there a particular tutorial you’ve been following up to this point?