CRITICAL: Files not being encrypted on external storage (S3, etc) in NextCloud 18

It turns out that external storage is not being encrypted and has not been for some time:

Are we going to see a resolution of this soon?

There is no open pull request and it’s been a known issue since june of 2019 so I don’t think so.

You are welcome to fix this as it’s open source. You can be nice to other users and submit a pull request so it’s backported to other users.

Encryption isn’t their priority and given the number of existing issues with encryption I can’t blame them.

You can work around this problem by using a rclone mount with a crypt backend and mount it as local storage in nextcloud under the remote mount options.

Hmm, the latter option here sounds interesting… but I worry about reliability of the connection. Appreciate the suggestion.

No connection issues with rclone. It’s designed for cloud storage and works well. Just make sure you backup the encryption keys or that data is toast if you ever lose rclones config file.

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I’m really super happy to hear that.