Creating new User fails in FF with "Diese Aktion benötigt eine Passwortbestätigung"


with my Nextcloud Hub 7 (28.0.2) installed at I face the problem that I (admin) can not add a new user.

  1. Open My Nextcloud in FF 127.0a1 (2024-04-24) (64-Bit), login as admin
  2. I fill New User Form
  3. Submit by click on [Add new User]
    » Dialog "This Action requires PW confirmation – No info whether Dialog wants to see my admin PW or New User PW. I tried both
    Expected: Of the PW should work
    Actual: Error: Wrong PW

Works fine in Chromium Version 116.0.5810.0 (Entwickler-Build) (64-Bit).

Known Problem?



I sometime am facing this “problem” as well after I logged in to my admin-account and forgot that I am there… and then returning (after hours) and doing some stuff that needs privileges… so then the system asks me for my admin-account-password again. for security-reasons.

But that seems to be a different problem?
Of course I am logged in as Admin when I create a new user.
And: Now also in Chromium.
But a new attempt in Incognito window was successful.

I will have to think about that

Maybe you can delete all temp data e.g. cookies, cache, …