Creating new account lets Nextcloud desktop app (Win7) die

I have just updated to 2.5.1 (2.5 didn’t want to be installed and always got stuck at some point) and it looks like this version would work - more or less. The one account which was already set is synchronised.
But now, I want to add a new account and just clicking on “new account” (in German “Neues Konto hinzufügen”) brings the client to break after displaying the new screen where I would choose between “Register” - Registrieren Sie sich bei einem Anbieter - and “Login” - Anmelden).
The Desktop OS is Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit virtualised with Virtualbox on Linux Ubuntu 18.04.
I’d be happy to know if this error is known and will be fixed.
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Anyone here with some solution?

Even removing the app and reinstalling doesn’t help… As soon as I touch the dropdown at the right in order to create an account, the client crashes.
Also, for some reasons, the installer takes ages to install the client - it gets “stuck” on vcredist_x64.exe. The installation takes about 6-7 minutes, 99% of the time being stuck at the one point mentioned before.

I can’t imagine that this is a standard behavior. But my setup - Win7 Ulitmate on Virtualbox is not really exotic neither…

Just for info: I installed the owncloud client to connect and it works fine. It looks like noone is interested in making the app work fine, sad thing!

try one of these: