Creating Link between xenforo and nextcloud


I’m trying to synchronise user details between the xenforo forums software and nextcloud.
So that users that are registered get automaticly added to both user databases from both platforms.

I want to achieve this so that users don’t need to register multiple times, just once and that they can just switch between the forums and nextcloud with a simple click.

I have an idea on how to achieve this but I need some help with getting everything written out on registration and when users want to switch between the 2 platforms without any problem.

My current issue is that I don’t know how nextcloud stores users that are logged in.
Is this in a session variable or in something else?

Or if anyone knows if there is an addon that does this (or in the make) then i’d be happy to hear from that aswell.

If anyone can help me with finding out on how to achieve this in an easy and fast way, then you’re welcome to help me :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


would like to know this too!