Creating HTML emails with multiple referenced shared Nextcloud images

Sharing a single image/folder/file from Nextcloud is easy and works well.

I’m looking for a way to easily create HTML emails with several referenced/visible images, shared from my Nextcloud server. Anyone have tips or tricks for doing this? I mean, creating an email like this:

Dear Recipient,

Check out these photos from last weekend:

(photo visible here, included via HTML <img> tag so not actually attached/embedded in email)
photo caption

(photo 2, also referenced and not embedded)
photo 2 caption


The email size is much smaller than if I attached/embedded the photo (or video), and the photos might not show up unless the recipient clicks or touches “load remote images” in their email client. That’s what I want.

Currently I have to navigate to each image, click the :heavy_plus_sign: sign to the right of “Share link”, then open that preview, then “open image in new tab”, then drag that image into an email in Thunderbird or the Gmail web UI. Then repeat that for each image. Ugh.

I suppose I could also create an album (folder) with a bunch of images, but I really want them to appear directly in the email and have their email client fetch and cache them on demand.

I could automate it with Javascript or something client-side, I’m just not sure where to start there.

I don’t use the Nextcloud Mail app. Maybe that has some means of inserting referenced images in an HTML email?

Any ideas?