Creating Docker image with imagemagick-7, ffmpeg and exiftool to support iOS photo storage

I created a docker image which will support preview generation, and viewing of .HEIC and .MOV files (from iOS platforms) and display on all platforms (i.e. Windows too). I’d be very interested in feedback or better ways to accomplish.

Chasing permission errors from the preview generation app, led me to the discovery that if I used imagemagick version 7 and made edits to the “/etc/Imagemagick-6/policy.xml” file, the errors resolved themselves.

The build of imagemagick-7 comes from reference link for Imagemagick-7 build: GitHub - SoftCreatR/imei: IMEI - ImageMagick Easy Install

Dockerfile contents:

FROM nextcloud:fpm
RUN ./ (don’t forget to chmod a+x

set -euo pipefail
export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive
apt-get update
apt-get -y upgrade
apt-get -y install git nano -y
apt-get -y install software-properties-common -y
apt-get -y install ffmpeg -y
apt-get -y install exiftool -y
# the following will install imagemagick-6 and associated tools
apt-get -y install imagemagick imagemagick-common -y
# the following lines will overwrite imagemagick with version 7 and install within image
git clone
cd imei
# following lines modifiy the policy.xml file to allow PDF
cp /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml.bak
sed -i "s/rights\=\"none\" pattern\=\"PS\"/rights\=\"read\|write\" pattern\=\"PS\"/" /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
sed -i "s/rights\=\"none\" pattern\=\"EPI\"/rights\=\"read\|write\" pattern\=\"EPI\"/" /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
sed -i "s/rights\=\"none\" pattern\=\"PDF\"/rights\=\"read\|write\" pattern\=\"PDF\"/" /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
sed -i "s/rights\=\"none\" pattern\=\"XPS\"/rights\=\"read\|write\" pattern\=\"XPS\"/" /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml
apt-get clean
rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

Then build with

docker build -t nextcloud:fpm .


@sheetsg77 , awesome, thanks so much! Worked great for me.