Creating a shared Folder as a File drop

Hi everyone,

I’m searching for days for a solution of the following problem:
I want to create folders which can be shared to other users, using the WebGUI. Said other users should get those new folders shown in their files list, but get only access to a file drop like state (should not see the content of the folder and files).
I want to keep everything as simple as possible and have everything reachable from the WebGUI and files app (and connected Desktop/Mobileapps), so creating and using shared links is not helpful here. Is there a possibility to create such a folder with write-only permissions?

Thank you very much.

There was a discussion a few weeks or months ago. Also there is an issue . But acutally it is not possible.

An alternative is a file drop (global link) and then add it with e.g. External sites or Link editor

Perhaps it is possible to solve it with Group folders

You can try to use combination of 2 apps:

  1. set Tag on a uploaded files
  2. here are 2 options:
    2.a. setup access based on TAG, that nobody can download or modify a file (e.g. belongs to group admin)
    2.b. write s simple script that will move data to the folder that other users have no access to.