Created account. Tried to log in but says "wrong password"

I created a new account on demo.nextcloud.account. Specifically, I created a long-term-trial account.

It then sends me an activation email. I click the link in the email and it takes me to a webpage confirming my actvitation. It then forwards to a log-in page, where I enter my username and password. I’m sure I enter my credentials correctly, yet it says I have the wrong username or password. Well, I try to reset the password by clicking the text below the password box. But clicking on it does nothing.

So what do i do now?

@jospoortvliet perhaps one for you.

@pastcloud try another account in the meantime.

Yes, I did create another brand-new account. But same result (fail).

There are also the test instances of @JasonBayton:

Only short term, but for long term you could set up your own virtual server (there are images available):

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@tflidd are you saying that it was useless for me to create a long-term-trial account?

I heard that nextcloud offers a hosted-server option. Is this true or false? I don’t want to have to set up my own server.

I don’t know why the long-term trials don’t work. I just gave you options if you don’t want to wait until this is fixed.

Nextcloud itself does not provide hosted options but there are providers that do. I think they have a list somewhere on their website.

It works, friends. The problem is that it isn’t very obvious that you have to log in with the username ‘admin’.

You choose the name of your instance, say asdfasdf. Then you pick a password: monkey.

Then you are linked to
where you log in as admin with pw monkey.

What a lot of people do is try to log in with asdfasdf with password monkey. That won’t work and they assume it is broken.

Yes, they don’t read, but it is also to be honest a bad user interface to give peopel two input fields where the bottom is password but the top is not the username as everybody would expect.

So we have fixed that and the new version will be deployed on Monday :wink:

You’ll just log in as admin/admin there.

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Completely off topic: I’d like to see the inner workings of your demo server setup. I don’t recall when it went from simple hosted NC demo to interactive user-managed instances but I’m super envious :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps one to pick up in another topic.

Ha. I actually don’t know much about the internals as it is handled by one of our partners - ETES.

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Disappointed :wink: