Create sharing link with desktop client or command line

Up to now I am only a user of the NC instance which my university provides. I have the desktop client for Linux and it works pretty well. However to create a sharing link I still have to log in to the web client and click on the sharing symbol of the respective folder or file. Is there a possibility to achieve this from within the desktop client? A command line solution which performs some API call also would fit my needs. Would it in principle be possible to obtain the sharing link via the API?

Many thanks.

For sure this is possible with the client.

Get into the synced structure, right click and share any file or folder. See

hi, is it possible this make from ps or cmd (in windows), so i get share link to some variable in script and generate qr code?

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Old thread, but same unanswered question: Is it possible to create and output a public share URL via the command line of the Nextcloud desktop client?


That is unfortunate. I couldn’t find anything in the documentation about the (few) CMD commands of the desktop client either.

My goal is to send a (plublic) share link from a file or folder within the cloud to my URL shortener (YOURLS).
How could this be possible from the desktop?