Create / rename files in GroupFolders duplicates the file

Hi all,

Software facts:

Nextcloud 29.0.3
Groupfolders: 17.0.1
PHP: 8.2.20
mysql: 10.11.8
Nextcloud client (win): 3.13.X

We are using groupfolders only, to share files centrally and work mostly in NextCloud Client for Windows.
Creating new files, or renaming existing files within any groupfolder works fine, if we are “fast enough”. If it takes longer than about 2 seconds to name the new file or rename existing files, the file is duplicated and one of them has to be deleted afterwards. Its not a “zombie-file”, we can open and edit both files.

Renamed files exist with the old name and the renamed version.
New files exist with e.g “textfile (new).txt” and the named version e.g “readme.txt”.

Any suggestions how to get rid of this annoying behavior?

I sometimes observe the same thing, but have never had the time to debug it. By chance, do you also use macOS and is your Nextcloud also behind Cloudflare? Both don’t necessarily mean anything, but it would be interesting to see if we have anything in common.

No we dont use Mac or Cloudflare

For forum members who cannot imagine this: Here is what it looks like (at least for me).


Right now it looks like the solution is to completely uninstall nextcloud client for Windows and reinstall the actual version.

just updating within the client didnt work so far.