Create password protected download link

I am trying to create an external download link which is password protected, which means everyone who knows the link can use the URL, but has to input an additional password before downloading is enabled.

I had originally assumed that this is the feature presented in the share section, however this is not the case, even if I input a password in the share section, everyone who knows the original share link can download it without knowing a password.

Is there a solution for password protected downloads within Nextcloud?

Just tested it, and it works on my instance.

You have to click on “Customize Link” in the three dots menu of the share, and then check the “Set password” box. It will then automatically suggest a password. After that you have to click on “Update Share” at the bottom right.

Also, in case you manually specified a password, make sure that there are no error messages regarding password strenght after clicking on “Update Share”…

…and if there are multiple share links for the same file in place, make sure to test the one that actually has password protection enabled. :wink:

Hope that helps…