Create option to Attach file from nextcloud in rainloop



hi guys,
how are you?

I want to create a option in rainloop for attachment from nextcloud.

I am facing problem to create button for attachment and attachment functionality.


I have implemented this.


they are looking for a new maintainer for nc-rainloop-app
someone here in the forum even wanted to hire someone to keep developping the app…

maybe it would be something for you?


How did you do that? We want to have ability to attach files from nextcloud drive.
Can you share your solution with us?



Hi! Are you considering to update the attach file option to the latest rainloop version 6.0 for NC 14?


Yes of course i do but if i got any project/task for this .


This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks @vijaydwivedi. Do you know when can we expect to see your solution included in the the defaults Rainloop app?

Cheers :slight_smile: