Create option to Attach file from nextcloud in rainloop

hi guys,
how are you?

I want to create a option in rainloop for attachment from nextcloud.

I am facing problem to create button for attachment and attachment functionality.

I have implemented this.

they are looking for a new maintainer for nc-rainloop-app
someone here in the forum even wanted to hire someone to keep developping the app…

maybe it would be something for you?

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How did you do that? We want to have ability to attach files from nextcloud drive.
Can you share your solution with us?

Hi! Are you considering to update the attach file option to the latest rainloop version 6.0 for NC 14?

Yes of course i do but if i got any project/task for this .

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This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks @vijaydwivedi. Do you know when can we expect to see your solution included in the the defaults Rainloop app?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Perfect solution! really looking forward for 15 nextcloud!!!

Hello @vijaydwivedi, how are you? Do you still have plans to update your code to make nextcloud attachments into rainloop? This is a important plugin/solution. Do you mind to share the original code it with us if you dont want to update it to the current owncloud version?

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I’ve just discovered this nice app rainloop on nextcloud which is very useful. The only thing that makes the app ‘mail’ more helpful is that the app ‘mail’ provides the possibility to attach file from nextcloud’s files and to choice where to save files received. This feature in a webmail inside NC seems to me a necessity if we want use files and mail online on his own server. I hope that this could be implemented.

Without integrating files from nextcloud, this mailapp is useless for me/us. without staying and using nextcloud files / links, there is no sense in using this mailapp.

@julianno @vijaydwivedi any news on this topic?

i’m already using this app couple of years and just to day discovered the “save to cloud” option :see_no_evil:

@vijaydwivedi I love the save to cloud option, is there any way to change the default folder? I’ve looked in the rainloop admin portal, I didn’t find anything.

Also, for a future feature improvement suggestion, it would be great to attach files directly from Nextcloud and or local files as mail attachments.

Thanks for all of your hard work, greatly appreciated!