Create help category for files-scripts


On apps store you can find a link on the help forum which ends in 404.

Could you create the Category please?

I am the maintainer of the files_scripts app. I am always happy to reply to questions on the Github issues. I also get notified when issues are opened there :slight_smile:

Hey @Raudius nice you find this post. :wink::rocket:

Do you mean questions about files_scripts should go to github issue instead of being posted here?

So the Ask question button should be merged or point to the same URL as github issue?

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I think the Ask questions link is standard on all app pages but not all apps have the forum category. I dont know what criteria forum admins use to determine whether an app gets a category.

What I meant is that you can always ask on the Github issue-tracker which will also notify me. However if a category gets opened on the forum maybe other users could also contribute to the discussions.

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