Create Folder for each File Upload


I’m currently using NC15 and I’m wondering if there is a possibility/app that allows users to create folders for a file request. Following situation: I want to share a link where people can upload their images/files, but instead of putting all uploaded files into one folder, the user could create a new folder for the upload. Also is it possible to force user to specify a name for a folder when they upload files? There could be two options within the share link options: 1.) Tick to allow folder creation for file requests, and 2.) when ticked, enforce user to specify folder name for upload. Would be a great feature.
Similar to the file request feature of Synology file station uses, it creates a folder for each file upload (but you can’t decide, it’s always created). Useful for example if I want to share a file request for photos and don’t want them to end up in one folder (get’s chaotic over time).