Create checkboxes in the description


can someone tell me how i create checkboxes in description?


Just like this:

[ ] First point to do

Let it save, close the details view and re-open it.
There has to be a blank between the brackets. Without a blank there is no check box.

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Brilliant. Thanks for this. I was worried there was no way to create checklists. Key feature!

Please note that Deck requires since version 1.0 the more common syntax for markdown checkboxes:

- [ ] First point to do

(leading dash character and space character before brackets)

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for me, doesn’t work

@Jeano the original request was about the Nextcloud Deck server app.

Your screenshot shows the Android client which is not yet capable of rendering a checkbox as a nice image.

If you are interested in this topic you are welcome to watch or contribute to the corresponding issue at GitHub, where we track the progress.