Create chat room by link


we just had the idea that it would be great if we could create a talk chat room with specific users by clicking a link.
The idea behind this is that we could integrate a link into the documents for our customer which the customer could use to start a chat with one of our employees.

Does anyone have an idea how this could be possible?

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I am interested in this too.
I could not yet figure out how to create a link to a talk conversation with me (the admin), that is private and one-to-one but usable for all users.
I think in combination with the dashboard and the welcome widget (where they suggest the above idea) it would be nice to be able to create a link to one support person, or the support team (witch could be a group of users).

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Here are 2 Github Issues that seem to address these issues:

I now know that within the settings of the welcome dasboard extension you can specify a contact. And i figured out that you can generate a link to a private conversation between logged in users with a link like this: