Create calender event from email from mobile device

I’m at a point where syncing calendar meetings via email is a priority for our business using NC.

I am sure there are a few ways to address this but wanted to see if anyone has a scenario and/or solution like ours.

I have a dovecot server (iRedMail) and when people accept an invite from out of domain using the NC Mail app, it will post to the NC Calendar, but not update the status for the external user.

If I accept using a third party app on Mobile or Desktop app it will let the sender know I’ve accepted but doesn’t create an event to NC calendar.

If I use SnappyMail, I can use the Put in Calendar option but then have to go into the calendar event to accept the event and then it will display to the sender.

Along with iRedMail, I have SOGo installed. Not sure if I should try to use its calendar for accepting events or if that would even work in syncing with NC.

Beyond this there is a conundrum of syncing event cancellations as well. But phase one above is at lease critical for my solution.