Create album from folder

Before I figured out Albums I just used folders. Albums look better and I’d like to migrate. Is there some shortcut to creating photo albums from folders? Anything that would save me a couple hundred mouse clicks on the command line, web browser console, WebDAV, whatever.

Looks like WebDAV is the way to go!

I automated converting folders to albums with a MKCOL request to create a new album, followed by COPY requests to add each photo or video to the new album. I used Python. The developer manual has good examples in Javascript and shell (using curl).

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also want this function i’m confused why its not a thing in the first place

Does anyone know if there are plans to implement this “folder to album” feature in the web interface? It is very surprising this was not the first feature available in the new gallery app, given that

  1. uploading a set of photos to a folder (which is logically a photo album) is a common activity,
  2. sharing that folder of photos via public link is a widely used feature,
  3. there is a clear desire to have a shared link open a view with a grid of thumbnails, which the current folder share link does not, and
  4. the new gallery app share links to photo albums does open a view with a grid of thumbnails!

In the “Add to album” dialog, there should be an option to select folders in addition to the flat chronological list of photos.

I don’t know about plans for the Photos app, but have you tried Memories? You can select a day’s worth of photos at a time, then add those to an album. That’s handy for creating new albums from recent trips. It’s less useful if the photos you want in an album are spread out across many days.

Re: converting a folder… when I hacked together some folder-to-album conversion Python code, I discovered exactly how inconsistent I had been in the past. Folders of photos and videos with subfolders, folder names with and without dates, folders with every single photo from an event (not just the good ones). I ended up having to curate half of my albums manually anyway.

If you use Android, and like to do all these photo album management works, including folder to album, while on the go, you can try Les Pas