Create Admin User on First Web Run


Iv been running tests with nextcloud for the past 2 months but using the snap installation, i decided to switch to a full install because when i setup zimbra drive to work with nextcloud then nextcloud stops working, and i have to change this value throw new AutoloadNotAllowedException($fullPath); setting in lib/autoloader.php to make it work without issues, the problem is that as a snap i cant modify that file because all snaps are read only, so the only way to modify it is by decompressing the snap, edit the file and mount it. Thats not usefull to me cause i asume everytime i have to update nextcloud server, ill have to manually download the nextcloud snap, decompress it, modify the file and then mount it.

So now i finished setting up my nextcloud with php7.2-fpm, mariadb and nginx but i wanna know if its possible to finish up the installation and then define the admin username and pass from the first run on the web interface, cause if i use the snap, on my first run i can enter nextcloud web page and it would ask me for an admin username and pass to finish up the installation, now when i use the: sudo -u www-data php /usr/share/nginx/nextcloud/occ maintenance:install --database "mysql" --database-name "DBNAME" --database-user "DBUSER" --database-pass "DBUSERPASS" it always ask me for and admin pass right away.

I dont know if its possible with full installations, but if it is id like to know how cause i havent found anything on google :frowning:

Actually if i dont use the occ command i can do the web install just fine, what i want is to only ask to create an admin user and password like in the snap, cause the snap already have the database name, user and pass already predefined.