Couple problems

1 can’t log in from a outside IP address , says I need to set some data …

This is behind my router , and I have port forwarded only 443 for now , ( hope this is not the problem )

I put in the allow 192.168.1.* like I have found posted no go

I can run a windows VM and log in what I put it’s local address in

2 For some strange reason , my admin password is not working any more … tried to add a dummy user , and no joy , I did add one user before with no problems at all

This is on proxmox , the build was through one of the scripts , I don’t know if something got messed up when I told it to reboot ,

So we are in test mode , so if I have to delete and rebuild not a problem at all , just don’t want to do this once I am live …

Thanks so much

192.168.1.* is a private net, you can’t access it from outside. You need to set up some kind of dyndns solution:

or run your cloud on a server in the internet.

You’ll have to be a little more specific.

It will work with only 443, however if you intend to use certbot, you will also need port 80.

Again if you could be more specific… You put this where? Nextcloud trusted sites? Host OS firewall? Router?