Could not get applications cURL error 28


I’ve installed yesterday version 9.0.50,

I saw an item about Theming and I was looking for it in the settings, but I didn’t find it.
It turned out that there are some minor update versions 9.0.51 and 9.0.52.

The update channel is “Stable”. On what channel should I get the minor update versions?

Or do I not getting updates because of the error “could not get application: cURL error 28”, this error occurred within every 10 seconds.

I know that it is not smart to have multiple questions in one topic

Thank you for any suggestions.

I think stable should still notify you of each minor update. Of course, there’s always “fault” which will definitely do it, but at the cost of not necessarily being, well, 100% stable :wink:.

If you’re getting errors with curl, it would be interesting to get the download link for the latest Nextcloud, and on the command line from the server try doing curl {download URL} and see what, if any errors show up. Let us know that you see. Obviously, replace {download URL} with the actual URL to download the Nextcloud zip file.

Thanks for your answer.
I have run the following command from the commandline on an ubuntu server 14.04.

This gives me the source of a html-page. The text is: you have an outdated browser.

I have done yesterday an: apt-get upgrade, so I thought that the server was up-to-date.
As you can see, I’m not a Linux-guru.

That’s… odd. Given that the URL (correctly) is to a file, not an HTML page, curl should just download the file, not an HTML page. This would certainly create problems, although I’m not sure why this is happening. Usually this would be more something like a server misconfiguration on behalf of the server being downloaded from (in this case ) however given that no one else seems to be experiencing this, an issue with Nextcloud’s website seems unlikely.

If you look at the HTML, dies there seem to be any kind of error message in there, like “forbidden” or “error 403”?

Could you give the output of

curl --version

Sorry my fault. typo-error.
the file crosses the screen, so I will output it to a file and try to update it from the commandline. (Can I untar the content to the nextcloud-folder?)

Curl version: 7.47.0

I did all kind of checks and I was a little bit surprised because my ubuntu version was not 14.04, but 16.03.
Does that make any difference?

Here I am again.
I have installed the latest version of Nextcloud 9.0.52.

In the log I see the following messages:
Error - core - Could not get application: cURL error 28: Resolving timed out after 5515 milliseconds
Error - core - Could not get categories: cURL error 28: Resolving timed out after 5515 milliseconds

Unfortunately, the problem has not been resolved.

So, could you take a look at my previous question and get back to us?

Hello Bugsbane,
I have a new situation, because I’m now running 9.0.52.
I can change the theme.

I did some research by owncloud, and there I saw that there is an url, when i’m browsing this then i get a page with all kinds of apps.
But when i’m browsing for then I get the message “server not found”.

The app store for Nextcloud is still being developed, so at the moment, if I remember correctly, we’re still basically using the ownCloud app store. Some apps have already transitioned to Nextcloud like News, while others are still deciding about whether to release for ownCLoud, Nextcloud or both.

As you can see. In my apps-panel, I don’t see the categories. And that was one of the curl 28-errors I’ve had.
Or has this nothing to do with eachother?

OK. I thought you were asking a different question. Yes, it most likely is related. So, can you take a look at the HTML file curl is downloading and let me know if there’s anything in there that sounds like an error message, and if so, what it is?

It maybe the DNS issue.
Try pinging google from console, see if you have a delay at first ping.

In my network I have reserved an area for the cloud-server. In this area is running an opensuse-server with owncloud.
Now I’ve added an ubuntu-server for nextcloud.
With nslookup I saw that on both servers the dns-server is
In my owncloud-server I can see the app-page with all the categories.

Bugsbane, what url should I curl for?

Bugsbane, what url should I curl for?

Earlier, you said:

…gave you an html file. That’s not normal. If I do the same command, I get the .bz2 file. I’m asking if there’s any message in the HTML, as sometimes when there’s an error, the webserver can serve up an HTML page with an error message. So just open that html file in a web browser and tell me what it says.

Hello Bugsbane,
I’ve made a type mismatch in the url for the update, that’s why it did get the error of the update-url.
I’ve replied it 12 days earlier. Sorry for that.

Are you running a version of RHEL by chance (eg Fedora / CentOS)? If so, you might be running into this bug.