Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud

Can we migrate in the future OC 10.02 to NC 12??
For the moment the updater/migrator(updater/index.php) script gives the following error:

Current version is 10.0.2.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

Yes, topics cover this already. Tests are underway and will likely be ready for 12.0.1 in the very near future.

Are there any news for migration of Owncloud 10.0.2 to Nextcloud ? The Migrator still shows “Cold not determine migration path to Nextcloud”


For the web-migrator script, there is a bug report and pull request:

Currently, the devs are lacking a bit behind of the first minor release for NC 12 (, so this has probably priority before they handle this issue.

You can try to set your version number manually in your version.php to:
$OC_Version = [10, 0, 0, 12];
Please make good backups in such cases or wait a bit until this issue is solved.


thansk for answer, but that doesn’t work (the Migrator doesn’t find any migration path).
I think I’ll wait until the issue is fixed :slight_smile:

actually it’s only a test if Nextcloud fits our requirements, so I just do the upgrade on my testing environment.

Why not setup a new testing environment, then you can directly compare to ownCloud. The demo instances could be interesting as well:

Because I want to test if the migration is successfull and if It’s working with encrypted files.
I use the Owncloud Encryption plugin.

If you don’t use external storage, there is no real benefit of the encryption app. Please note that some apps do not work with the encryption app.
The release of 12.0.1 is scheduled for the end of this week, so hopefully they fix your bug very soon as well.


yes I know, I have no benefits of the encryption.
I enabled it because I had external storage a few years ago (at this time I have no external storage anymore)… I am a little bit scared about disable the encryption app, I am not sure if that is possible without any problems.

Are there news to this topic?
I downloaded the migrator skript and it says:
Current version is 10.0.2.
Could not determine migration path to Nextcloud.

Shouldn’t this be fixed in 12.0.1 ?


Just run the manual upgrade:

  1. Rename the existing owncloud folder (for backup purposes)
  2. Download the tar.bz2 release 12.0.1 and unpack it. Don’t forget to change the ownership of files.
  3. Copy the config.php and data/ folder from the old owncloud to nextcloud folder.
  4. In the config.php change the data/ folder path to nextcloud
  5. Change the path to the root folder (nextcloud) in your webserver config (I have nginx).
  6. Run the upgrade command from the nextcloud folder (sudo -u nginx php occ upgrade or if you have apache sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade)
  7. Profit!

My upgrade went flawlessly.

Best regards, Mikhail.

You should follow to MikhailKrasnobaev steps, works like a charm.

NextCloud keeps my DB out of business:) in quite mode the load 300qps
became to 40-50 qps…main web page response time became almost 3-4 time

I can confirm this, the manual way was without fleas. Thanks…