Cospend NC App: Data storage and options for backup

Hi community,

after restoring NC-Configuration, I lost data in a cospend-project. So I wondered if it wouldn’t be stored in the ncdata-directory. Apparently, it is not.
Does anyone know which directory is used for storing project data? Is it possible to backup this data? Of course there is an option for export but i can’t see import options.
What I would prefer to do is to save only the directory with the cospend data…


Got it!
Cospend only stores data in the database of your nextcloud. Backup will be done with a database dump (e.g. mysqldump) or on nextcloudPi with NC-Backup (NC-Auto-Backup).

In my case i could find the relating tables with

select table_name from information_schema.tables where table_name like '%cospend%';

So if you want to restore or manipulate data in cospend, you have to do it with sql-statements. If you do periodically backups of your database, you may not be embarrassed to do it with sql.

Many apps store information in the database. Consider the database as part of the backup.