Core functionality

I am a nc/ownlcoud user since many years now. But i am wondering what the main purpose of nc is. I always thought its the file synch. But it seems not. The Windows Desktop Client / NC Server just dont work like expected. I always get conflicts when files are changed often. But the worst is that the synch just doesnt work when your synch folder reaches a certain size / file count. The search for changes takes several days then.

I just tested seafile. The upload of my complete folder took 4 hours! A file change is done in one second. Same file change in nc takes hours (if it finishes).

I am just wondering why nc gets so many new features (which are very nice btw!!!) but the core functionality just doesnt work like it should. Nc is like having a Bentley without an engine.

The core function is still file syncing and sharing. After the split, they worked a lot on the interface and many functions but the desktop client was a bit neglected. For my part, the synchronisation works quite good on several devices (Win/Mac/Linux) but I don’t sync enormous amount of files (max. in the 100s GB on one client). There were a few issues with conflict files, but mostly a few that can be solved by hand. Possible that this does not scale very well for multi-TB syncs.

Recently, they pushed the client again, implemented client-side encryption (still in alpha/beta?), a work-in-flow for two factor authentication. The sync performance depends a lot on server configuration, setting up your database caches correctly and using redis as filelocking cache makes a huge difference. However, you do not reach the speed of native FTP/SFTP.

I did a few tests way back with ownCloud:
My goal was to benchmark the performance that is reproducible (fresh install on RPi2). Some time, I wanted to repeat the test with Nextcloud…