Copying all Next cloud server settings

Hello everyone Is there a way to copy all the settings of my Next Cloud server, install a new instance of NextCloud on another server and give it the settings of my old NextCloud, so as not to manually configure everything again?

Would you like to move your Nextcloud to another server or would you like to set up another Nextcloud?

For a relocation look Backup and Restore.

If you need a new Nextcloud, reinstall it quickly. Nextcloud uses individual values such as “secrets” in config.php, which you should not copy.

I use the LDAP authorization method, as far as I understand, Next Cloud creates a new UID for each client, won’t there be problems with defining files for each client if, for example, the UIDS are updated?

If you are using NCP, as the ncp tag suggests, you can use export/import and backup/restore scripts from ncp-config

also available from ncp-web@ localIP:4443

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