Copy&Paste issue with CODE (maybe related to http headers)

I found a new issue that might be related to this post.

On Firefox I can’t copy from documents to the Windows clipboard. But I can paste things from the Windows clipboard to Nextcloud documents.

On Chrome I can’t copy/paste at all from/to Windows clipboard.

Tested on 2 different computers, same behaviour.

Anyone else from this topic has these issues as well?

I’m not sure I get the problem right…

I tested

  • copy&paste from/to .md document :white_check_mark:
  • paste from native editor to .odt open in CODE :white_check_mark:
  • copy from .odt open in CODE :x:
  • and in turn data is copied (but seems to be rich-text and has strange formatting options around when added into editor) - looks I selected not only text but a picture as well…
pasted text

and strikthrough


and strikthrough

application/x-openoffice-objectdescriptor-xml;windows_formatname="Star Object Descriptor (XML)";classname="8BC6B165-B1B2-4EDD-aa47-dae2ee689dd6";typename="Collabora Office 24.04 Text Document";displayname="file:///tmp/user/docs/ACcUn9IpWe6StClL/directly_shared.odt";viewaspect="1";width="17000";height="3000";posx="0";posy="0"
�e�Ƌ���N�G���h��hB�$Collabora Office 24.04 Text Document:file:///tmp/user/docs/ACcUn9IpWe6StClL/directly_shared.odtgE#�ͫ�
  • but can successfully paste in LibreOffice Writer

That’s weird, it seems like you found more issues.

I wasn’t specific enough, my issue is with copy/pasting in Collabora with odt and ods files. I’m trying to do this editing inside the browser, not on Windows.

It seems like the headers issue is a security issue which prevents in copy pasting outside of NC to Windows clipboard.

I might be wrong.

COOL/CODE always runs in browser (Firefox in my case) - the destination for copy&paste app is Windows editor/Writer…

and if you follow the the text my “issue” is more non-issue - just small inconsistency when copying righ data from CODE… but such deep questions are better asked in Collabora Forum :handshake:

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Collabora forum is useless, I never got any replies on both of my posts.

apologize this but Nextcloud forum is the wrong place to solve Collabora issues

I managed to disable the SSO application which in fact resolved the HTTP header warnings. Although it didn’t fixed the copy/paste issue I’m experiencing. I’ve created an issue on Collabora Github.

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