Copy paste from desktop to only office not working

the copy / paste from the spreadsheet opened in the desktop to the only officer server is not working…
can you help. coz i do lot of analysis locally and paste it in the onlyoffice server its not working … how to enable this functionality.

i am having nextcloud 19.3 and onlyoffice 6.0

thanks and regards


can you give a bit more context for your issue? Like, have you uploading the file into your Nextcloud and then opening it directly with OnlyOffice?

I am having the same problem.

  1. Create a new spreadsheet.
  2. Open it using Only Office from within the Nextcloud Files area.
  3. Command + C to copy any text from, for example, Mac Notes. (I am on a Mac).
  4. Go back to OnlyOffice.
  5. Select any available cell and command + V.

Expected Result
The text is copied from the system clipboard into the cell.

Actual Result
The text is not copied.

Additional Notes
Note that it appears only the local OnlyOffice clipboard is being pasted, if it contains a local copy. So, if you copy a cell with text within an Only Office spreadsheet, you can paste it into a cell. If you then go and copy an external value (like text from outside the Only Office document) and then paste that into an empty Only Office cell, the original cell you copied from within Only Office is copied and the external text you copied after that (which we would assume would override the earlier copy) is not pasted.

I’ve looked at the preferences but haven’t seen any setting that would affect this behavior. Any ideas?

I just realized I am using an external keyboard with custom mapping. The issue is resolved if I use the keyboard on the laptop itself. So, the issue is likely related to my own key mappings… I’ll follow-up with an update if I figure it out.

So the issue is fixed if I remove the key modifiers I had set up for my bluetooth keyboard. Namely, the make the keyboard feel like a regular mac keyboard, I had switched the command and option key. (so the window and alt key on my MS Sculpt keyboard). After doing that, I am able to copy paste like normal. This is not really a working solution, since I require the keys to be switched on my keyboard.

If anyone knows how to edit keyboard short cuts for Only Office, I’m all ears.

I’ve got same issue, no solution found yet