Copy Direct link from sharing context menu

Hello everyone!

Nextcloud public share link has the option to copy a Direct link to a resource (ie https://…/filename.mp4, https://…/filename.png ). which is awesome!


It would to very convient to have the ability to copy the direct link from the sharing context menu also.


Thank you considering this feature and thank you for this awesome project!



I think it is not possible. But you can write an issue here.

But you can add /download to the normal sharing url.

Share: https://cloud.server.tld/s/abcdefghijklmno
Download: https://cloud.server.tld/s/abcdefghijklmno/download

For beautiful share names you can use the app ShareRenamer.

Made it wholesome for frontend developers :star_struck:

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I think the problem is the fact that then there must then be two Copy-and-Paste-symbols which would probably unsettle rather than benefit more users. I think /download can be remembered. But I think in the beginning I always called the share first and then copied the download link. :wink:

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Hello @devnull

Thanks for the reply!

I don’t see how adding direct link copy ( for example, under Unsharein the share link context menu) would be so unsettling.

I would rather suggest that is very useful for folks who want to embed their content into social media posts, blogs, forums or stream audio/video directly from a media player(vlc).

This feature is already available with nextcloud public link share, it’s just need to be conveniently accessible from the sharing context menu.

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Yes. My fault. In the menu i think there would no problem. But maybe it is not a nice Copy-and-Paste-Button.

Yes. But i think Nextcloud is more a sharing platform and not a web space or CDN. Look app Sharing Path. Sometimes i use the one file filemanager Tiny File Manager. There you can use the admin tool (tinyfilemanager.php) outside the data directory, deny directory listening and direct link to all uploaded files without database, … Look the demo and example image. But Nextcloud has a different approach. I don’t know if it would be good to allow thousands of calls to the same file via nextcloud shares.

Yes. But i think the most user do not use it. But you can write an issue see my link above.

Yes. But i think the most user do not use it. But you can write an issue see my link above.

With all of the apps available in the NC store, there are many use cases for Nextcloud and that is the beauty of the Nextcloud project.

I still believe that this is a very useful feature and it’s already available on Nextcloud it’s just need to be easily accessible.

I already posted a feature request on github

Thanks for the support.

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