Copy data from external storage into NC

I am currently trying to move from Dropbox to Nextcloud. But having dozens of gigabytes on Dropbox and a very slow internet connection I am simply not able to download all the data and upload it again on the Nextcloud server. This would let my computer running for weeks - blocking all the internet access among others things.

Is there any way to copy/move the files directly from one cloud to the other? I have no admin rights or terminal access on the server - it’s a hosted webspace…

Sure, I can link to Dropbox as external storage. But I want to get the data into NC physically in order to maintain my data tree in good order and to delete the Dropbox account completely.
I only found a copy functionality in the Android app. This basically works indeed, but it’s super slow, I have no progress display and it cancels automatically after some hours (having copied a few megabytes).

Thanks for your ideas!

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You can use the app files_move for:

Unfortunately, the developer hasn’t updated it for some time and you need to manually fix some errors:


Be careful and do not copy all files and folders at once since you could run into a php timeout.

Thank you so far!

Are there some other solutions as well? The reason I am asking is because the hoster Owncube denies installing this app - they say it’s not compatible with recent Nextcloud versions (which is not totally wrong). :wink:

Anyway, I am still considering setting up my own cloud in a webspace. Then I could use this app. But then the question is: are all those pulls necessary when I only activate this app for moving the data and delete it afterwards again? A first glance showed me that those fixes are only for interoperability with other apps (like gallery) or for language support…

Thanks for the hint with the php timeout. This could explain my latest issues with the Android client, eh?!

You can connect directly via webdav, this way you should be able to move files without actually downloading them. Most build-in client (Windows/OS X) are not very good, so rather use 3rd party programs. I don’t know why I didn’t mention this first.

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This sounds very good indeed!
So to summarize: I include Dropbox as an external storage in Nextcloud, connect to my Nextcloud via Webdav and copy the files, right?

Can you recommend a webdav client, now that you’ve already mentioned it? I have no experience with this so far…


I mostly used the normal file commander in Ubuntu to do stuff via webdav. On Windows, I used the WinSCP program (only to verify the connection and transfer speed) but there’s perhaps a better suited solution for that purpose.

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Perfectly. Since I am running Linux as well this is my solution.

Thank you for your hints. It works perfectly already for some test files. :slight_smile:

Well, probably I was a bit too fast with my statement “works perfectly” :frowning:

It works, yes, and I experience almost no network traffic while copying, yes. But I fear that this method is at least as slow as downloading and uploading the complete data on a DSL 2000 connection. Half of the time the copy process just gets initialized (seems like it’s counting the files and their sizes). As an example: the copy process for around 2000 documents with approx. 3GB in total counts the whole night already (from 8pm to 7am) without being ready yet. Only afterwards the copying starts and lasts again as long - at least.

I have no glue what the problem is. Uploading and downloading within the web-based cloud gui is much faster. Dropbox access is much faster (tested for years). Even my own internet traffic is hardly used (even though I know it should not be used except for sending the copy messages).
Could it be a problem with the Linux file manager Nemo? Or is it the Webdav interface of Nextcloud?

I haven’t used dropbox as external storage. On shared hosting won’t be much help in debugging this problem. With a larger number of files, I have seen that the database can be a limit. On a dedicated server it can be low as 1 files per second (with the db on a different host and limits by your webhoster this could be slower). Try to move files within your webspace and check out how fast this is.
Other option, ask someone with a different Nextcloud setup to try to download content from Dropbox.