Copy and paste in Android Browser

during trying out the mobile view of OO, I found out that I can’t mark anything and there is no copy and paste menu.
How can I enable it?


What type of access rights do you have for this document?

read and write via guest access.

Ok. Could you please also tell me the device model you are using and the browser through which you edit the document? Thanks!

one plus 2 with android 8.1 and the standard aosp browser.
If I want to mark a text the cursor only jumps to the place without the selection, and no copy/paste menu.

Our developers will test the editors in conditions that you mentioned. Thank you very much for the feedback.

You can try using Chrome browser or our mobile suite instead, there shouldn’t be any problems with editing.

okay thanks very much, good to know that it should initially support copy and paste via mobile browsers.