Cool app - Transfer (upload to Nextcloud from URL)


because of this video i found the Nextcloud app Transfer (only Nextcloud 23, version 0.4.2, Github).

This app allows you to have a file from the Internet transferred directly into your Nextcloud, without first having to download it to your personal device in order to upload it. You simply enter the download link and the transfer happens on the server side, making it possible to leave downloads running in the background even when your personal computer is switched off.

I have tested it on two Nextclouds 23. On my self installed Nextcloud it works fine but on a Managed Nextcloud it does not work (error 500). Another disadvantage can be that the download is performed in the background (Nextcloud Cron). But it can also be seen as advantage for bigger downloads (read issue).

But maybe the app is interesting for one or the other.