Continued notifications about file being updated

We have a NextCloud setup between two environments that has a bit of federated sharing. The NextCloud servers sit behind a load balancing appliance (F5).

A share has been setup from Server A (cowokers) to Server B (my nextcloud). When I try to edit the file shared with me, every minute or so I get an alert that the file was updated, even thought I know the file isn’t open anywhere else or being modified (I’m getting the alert now and its (1:30 AM). When I try to modify the file and save it, I often get a conflict file. Tonight is really bad where I usually can delete the ‘original one’ and rename the conflict file. However that doesn’t seem to help any this time.

Has anyone else run into this? I’m conviced its something with our server setup or the F5s and the federated sharing, but not sure.