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Rolling NC out to my family/friends and each user will want a ‘private to themselves’ contact list as well as the global address book. I’ve created 2 contacts groups, ‘Family’ and ‘Friends’ but the only way I have found so far of achieving a private contacts list per user is if that user creates their own Address Book and sets no shares on it. This works but whilst I am still in testing mode with a limited number of the more tech savvy family and friends it would be good to know I am not missing something obvious here? Users’ private lists would be their regular non Nextcloud friends, family, businesss etc which they (by default) would not wish to share. I’m on the latest NC 27 release of both server and app. Any help much appreciated folks.

That sounds correct.

Any given address book isn’t shared, other than the system one, unless explicitly shared.

Though from your question I’m unclear: are you expecting different behavior?

There a User level manual, in addition to the Admin Manual, which might be handy if you haven’t seen it:

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Thanks very much, that’s great.

Not so much expecting different behaviour (sounds logical to me) but just wanted to check I wasn’t ‘using a sledgehammer to crack a nut’ and had missed something within the functionality of the system address book.

Thanks for the manual links too - I had read the user one but not the admin, hadn’t spotted that. The users will all be fine sharing their NC details with each other as they’re all close family and friends, but good info on tightening down on user info that goes beyond our instance.

Once again this forum has been invaluable, many thanks, will mark as solved.

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