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is it possible to sort contacts by last name?
I imported some Contacts from owncloud - there I can sort contacts by clicking on the headline.
In nextcloud there is no headline.

We want to use nextcloud in our business, but we do not know the firstname of all our customers but we kno the lastname.

Sure - in external apps, I can sort what ever I want - but I want to use the nextcloud-webfrontend, too.
And this is a killer-argument not to change from owncloud to nextcloud.

regards kim

No, there is just a feature request on the bug tracker:

I noticed that the contacts app has been very quiet in terms of commits in the past month. Is there still focus on it? Or have other priorities taken over? Is there a plan to move it forward again?

(Please don’t take this as complaining. I would contribute if I could, but lack of time/talent prevent me, so I have no rights to… We are appreciating all the work that has been done!)

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Good question. There is no one of the Nextcloud team responsible for this app yet:
However, seeing the statements of Nextcloud, calendar and contacts should be an essential part of Nextcloud, so I suspect that for the moment the priorities are to get the new updater app and the new app store running. The contacts-bugtracker shows that there is a new milestone planned for Nov 21:

If you are a developer, feel free to join the team. Even for normal users you can test new features and give feedback.

Years later … version 3.1.6 … Sort by name is not persistent: sorting is always by name displayed !

Afaik, the sorting state is stored in a local web browser cookie. Make sure that Nextcloud cookies are accepted by your web browser and not deleted when closing the browser.

My nextcloud site is in the “authorized list” of cookies …

To be able to understand what you exactly mean it would be helpful if you could describe in detail at what stage the sorting get lost, if you leave the app, if you leave Nextcloud, …
Additionally the used program versions etc, etc, would be helpful.

Sorry for my bad English

In this case I recommend to open an issue ticket t get this deficiency addressed. Please provide detailed information in the ticket how to reproduce the problem and not only referencing to this conversation :wink:


@jbyvosges, @j-ed,
I didn’t find find an issue ticket on contacts github.
Is there any work on this issue at the moment?
As @jbyvosges, I can confirm contacts behaviour and have some additional information from my personal situation. In my system, I use Nextcloud 17.0.2 and contacts 3.1.8. The default sorting is “display name” all the time. If I change sorting to “last name”, this sorting is valid until I logout as user from Nextcloud. When I log in again sorting is “display name” again, even if browser window is not closed.
As @j-ed asked to look after Cookie setting, I can confirm, that my Nextcloud domain is whitelisted in my Firefox browser 72 in Preferences/Cookie settings and I checked, that cookies are not deleted when Browser is closed, although issue also happens when Browser is not closed.
If there is more and detailed information necessary, I can provide, if requested.

I checked sorting with new browser (Chrome) and saved cookies but also in this constellation it is not possible to configure default sorting with “last name”. After serveral tests my conclusion is that either the cookie settings according to @j-ed are not sufficient or @j-ed is wrong and there still is a bug in contacts app.
If there is anything I can further test, any hint is appreciated.

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