Contacts (3.1.3): How to set user names by default to "Sort by last name"? (nc 16.0.3)

In the contacts app I want to set the settings of the user names to “Sort by last names” by default. After every logout it’s starts with “Display name”.

Make sure that you keep the Nextcloud cookies which are used to store the state.

Where can I find those Nextcloud cookies? In which directory?

Cookies are usually stored in your web browser cache and not on the server. In Firefox you will find the cookie settings under Extra > Settings > Data security & Security > Cookies & website data.

It’s a pity: I didn’t succeed. I found the settings in Safari 12.1.1 (Settings > Data security > Cookies and Website data > Block all cookies: Checkbox unchecked).

It should be somewhere else. Can anybody help?

Same for me.
Calendar don’t remember my choice. ( Nextcloud 16.0.5 - Contacts 3.1.6)

As already mentioned, it is not a problem of the server or app, but your cookie settings in your browser. So make sure that all Nextcloud cookies are accepted and that they’re not deleted when closing the browser.

In my Firefox prefs. the “suppress cookies after close” is not set and my Nextcloud site is in the “authorized list” of cookies . But after loggin-out, the order remains the default sorting, not MY default.

My choice is not lost when I leave the application, but when I log-out and when i reboot my computer (Ubuntu 18.04)