Contacts : Multiple contacts selection

Hello, I have the impression that the Contacts app in Nextcloud Hub does not allow multiple selection. If i’m right (?) … why is such an essential feature not present ? How can I go about cleaning and organizing my contacts? … knowing that my goal was a CardDav synchronization with Thunderbird (CardBook). Will I only be able to do it from CardBook in TB ? Thanks !


Yes, it will be done on the Thunderbird side, which will sync changes back to Nextcloud.

I don’t use Thunderbird but DAVx on Android, removing the contacts will not remove them from Nextcloud using DAVx5.

I would really like to see a multi select option just within the Contacts list in Nextcloud itself! Please :slight_smile:

+1 for this, multi-selection required for NC badly.
deleting contacts 1-by-1 is tedious when corrections are required.

I had to empty my contacts list one-by-one
Select contact > select 3dot menu > select delete (over 200 times) terrible there isn’t a multi selection or delete all

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@danger89 managing/deleting contacts via davx5 works fine for me. Maybe check configuration, or open a new thread here.

@bombz88 best way to show that you want this is to react with :+1: to the first post in the github issue linked above

For now, it you want multi-select, use Thunderbird cardbook, or davx5 on android.

Appreciate the follow-up. The only work around from the NC web portal was to…

Export the contact list
Delete the contact list
Create a new contact list
Re-import list

Would be handy to have it from the web portal side of NC, however for now and this instance, this resolved the concern.