Contacts/Contact fields spontanously disappeared

I am using Nextcloud contacts for a while, but surprisingly the phone numbers of some of my contacts just disappeared over night. Some other contact cards are removed at all. So far, I can not see a pattern and can not find the root cause for that. Do you might have some suggestions? And is there a simple way to recover all contacts without doing a whole database recovery?

Some information:
I sync my contacts with Android, iOS and MacOS devices.
Nextcloud version: 25.0.3
Contacts version: 5.1.0

I‘ve got the same problem, for over a year already.
In my case the content of the data fields doesn‘t get stored - or just a part of it. Example:

  1. Adding to the street the word „Berliner Str“
  2. reload the page
  3. there are three outcomes:
    3a) the street is empty, this is the most common case
    3b) there is just a part of the entered street like „Berline“
    3c) the complete street is filled in

It‘s really annoying since I don‘t get when which outcome happens.
It‘s a bit better when I use Chrome instead of Safari.

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